The usefulness of Facebook

The usefulness of Facebook

So this week saw a bit more progress with our group, although we do still unfortunately appear to be moving very slowly with the project. I wish that we could have had more time to get to know each other (and our various schedules!) a bit better.

Two main things happened. Firstly, I set up a folder on Google Drive that the whole group can access. Now we all have access to the same documents in the one place and we can update them instantly.

Secondly, we created a group for our project on Facebook, which appears to be a far more accessible format for people than Sulis is. Everybody in the group has various commitments which means that they do not always have access to a computer during the day. Since Sulis does not have a compatible format for mobile devices, this has meant that there has been an inevitable delay in our commutations.

Now, it took a while for everybody to find each other on Facebook, but I think it was well worth moving to this tool. Members of the Facebook group receive notifications as soon as somebody posts in the group. Additionally, Facebook then tells you how many people have seen that post. Sometimes with Sulis you can be left wondering if anyone has even looked at your last post.

I then posted a summary of our actions to this point on Facebook, and we were able to clarify what roles each of us were undertaking. Within a day or two, one of our US collaborators posted the first draft of the instructions document to Google Drive.

I think that in the beginning of this project I was quite happy to stick with using Sulis. However, now I think we all would have been better off if one of us had suggested within the first few days that we should set up a Facebook group. Facebook is a far more friendlier tool, it is familiar to everyone, and is designed to be accessible from a mobile device.

At least now we can move on to the next step. I am one of two people on our team working on the graphics and layout of the document, and I have created a document on Google Drive that we can collaborate on. We will use this over the next few days to finalise most of our design decisions.



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