And now for the next phase

And now for the next phase

Last week we handed the virtual team assignment over to the French students so that they could begin the translation phase. This is particularly interesting for our group as one of the students is actually Italian, so she will effectively be working with two non-native languages for this project. Nonetheless, having seen how she and her colleague write in the discussion forums, I trust them both to accomplish this task. Both write fluently in English and both seem very friendly and capable. This interview with Italian technical writer Alessandro Stazi gives some insight into the task that our team members now face.

Last week the French students had a whole week off and so it is not until this week that they have the opportunity to begin the translation work. But when handing over the document to them, I tried to make it clear that we were all here to answer any questions they had, not matter how trivial. I am not sure that there is much else we can do for them now, other than to enquire how they are getting on occasionally.

But this phase of the project comes as a relief to me, as this assignment seems to have taken up an inordinate amount of my time so far. Between formatting the document graphics and layout, setting up Google docs for everyone, writing out suggestions for the group, revising the document, and generally trying to make sure that everyone was up-to-date with the project, I seem to have had very little time to work on my other modules. And that’s not even including working part-time and other commitments outside of this MA.

Now this week I have two large assignments due, and I feel unprepared for them and completely worn out. Which saddens me, because while I do like the idea of working on a virtual team assignment, I would actually rather have spent more time learning XML, for instance. But I suppose, time management is one of the most important lessons to learn here, and it is something that I always hope to improve upon. This article from tcworld magazine might be a good place to start.



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