Learning new digital skills

Learning new digital skills

One of our assignments for this week was to draw up a list of three digital skills that we would like to develop in the future. What it made me realise is that the list of digital skills that I would like to develop is basically endless.

I had great trouble narrowing it down to just three, and I kept switching things in and out of the list. But in the end I settled on web design skills, coding/scripting, and animation. Upon reflection, this is quite an interesting choice as it shows that I am far more interested in creating new content for the web than I am in navigating or participating on the web. But to be fair, collaborating skills came a close fourth, followed by privacy skills.

We then had to list a number of resources which we could use to develop these skills. And really there is a wealth of choice out there, which is absolutely wonderful. And many of them are free and from well-respected institutions. Indeed, ALISON has a whole section on just digital literacy and IT skills. Laurence Bradford has even created a whole website called Learn to Code with Me, which helps people find resources for developing digital skills, with a particular emphasis on coding.

So this exercise has given me a great impetus to carry on with upskilling in these areas. And once I have finished with this postgraduate programme, there is no reason why I cannot begin to make a start on my endless list. Happy times for learning, indeed.

Image: www.freeimages.com


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